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Affiliate Program

How it works

The affiliate program is a partnership where you advertise for our site and in exchange get a commission on sales.

It can be done through an online presence like a website or distributed to people you know.

It works with an entry point to our site that is assigned to your account. People going through that entry point will be assigned to you.

How to become an affiliate

1. An account is required. You can register if you don't have one..

2. Once that is done, check for your referral id. If you are NOT advertising on a website, you can share this link directly to people and it will work just the same.

3. Copy the snippet below. Note that you must replace referral-id with the link you grabbed in step 2.

Note that you have to swap your-image for an image. You can pick one among the images below and paste the code in place of your-image.

4. Put the snippet on your site where you want to advertise your program. Orders by users who go through your ad to our site will be noted and you will get your cut.

Choose among these images

Format (px) Link (paste inside src="")