Compatible cartridges, what are they?

compatible toner

What is a compatible cartridge? The cartridge that comes with your new printer or supplied by the printer manufacturer is called the original. These cartridges are made specifically for your printer and will not work with any other printer. In reality, most of the cartridges are very similar and will only have a couple of differences:

 – Electronic Chip Settings
 – Design
 – Type of ink (toner powder or ink).

Therefore, another manufacturer can make a cartridge made for your printer. The cartridges that are made by a non-original manufacturer are called compatible.

The idea that compatible cartridges are illegal is a myth. Since the accessories for the printer are a major source of revenue for printer manufacturers, it is beneficial for them if you order consumables directly from them. It is important to know that, despite what some manufacturers will tell you, it is illegal for a manufacturer to void your warranty because you use compatible or refilled cartridges. This is due to the Magnuson Moss Warranty Improvement Act.

By design, compatible cartridges are almost identical to the originals. And in terms of environmental friendliness, they are often ahead of the originals.

Advantages of compatible cartridges

What does buying a compatible cartridge mean? This means that, for often half the price, you will be able to get a quality cartridge that meets the standards of the original one. Unlike re-manufactured cartridges, compatible cartridges are completely new.

Among the benefits of compatible cartridges:

 – Affordable price
 – Excellent print quality
 – Print at least the same number of pages as its OEM counterpart

Disadvantages of compatible cartridges

It is important to remember that these cartridges vary in quality. If the cartridge is purchased from a manufacturer that gives a guarantee on the goods, you will not find any disadvantages (as well as differences from the original). Make sure that you purchase your cartridges from a verified company. By not purchasing from an unverified vendor/distributor, you will eliminate the risk of the cartridges breaking or not working before their due time.

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